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Liquorice biscuits with blackberry curd

We adore liquorice in any format it happens to be, sweet, flavoured or salty, so these tasty biscuits are a delight to us but maybe an acquired taste to others.
These are a variation on what is more commonly known as thumb print cookies.

Broccoli, halloumi, shallot, mint and pine nut cake

This is a very easy and simple vegetarian pie with no pastry either. It is a very flexible recipe and you can change the vegetables, the cheese and herbs to whatever you have to hand. We have made this using green beans, goats cheese, thyme and walnuts which was equally delicious. Next time we might try cabbage, caraway, parsley and sunflower seeds.

Christmas donuts

This is not truly a donut batter as it contains no yeast but I used a donut tin to create the round cakes. If you don't have a donut tray then this mixture is very similar to a muffin mix so feel free to use a muffin tray instead. This recipe can be made using any mincemeat of your choice but for an extra treat why not try making our superfood goji and cranberry mincemeat instead.

Banana, coconut, allspice and pecan muffins

Homemade muffins are an absolute pleasure to make, the variety at hand is almost endless and once you master the method it becomes so easy, wet ingredients, dry ingredients, mix and bake, simple as that. These muffins came about after testing recipes from Caribbean Modern. Banana, allspice and coconut, classic ingredients of the islands.

Champagne marmalade bar with marmalade vodka glaze

Loaf cakes are a very easy way to get your cake fix.

Caramel flapjack with pumpkin seeds, cranberries and white chocolate

Homemade flapjacks are best and you can play around with this and mix it up however you like.

Rose brownies with walnuts and sour cherries

Indulgent, moist and fragranced with rose, takes you away to the middle east.