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Within this site you will find delicious recipes, honest reviews, genuine recommendations, a bit of banter and more. We are foodies that just happen to be gay, we try to keep both subjects separate but sometimes it can get a little bit mixed up. Based in Manchester most of the time but extremely likely to pop up anywhere in the world.


Latest Recipes
Smoky dried mushroom chilli rubHome made spice blends and rubs are far superior than any shop bought because you can ensure they are fresh, to your liking and no unnecessary additions to the mix. This mix is made with dried shiitake which you can buy in most Asian supermarkets but also very easy to dry at home, you could use porcini if you wish to be extravagant but don't dry your standard button mushrooms as they lack umami when dried. There are endless uses for this rub, coat chicken wings before baking in the oven, add as a seasoning to slow cooked pulled pork, sprinkle on cheese on toast, I would even suggest sprinkling onto freshly cooked paste before further tossing in some cream. Prep time here is dependant on whether you are drying out your own mushrooms and you will need a spice grinder or coffee grinder, a food processor just won't be suitable.
Roast celeriac and king oyster mushroom salad with halloumi and walnut pestoSalads aren't just for lazy summer days, enjoy this hearty bold autumnal salad either as a small starter, side or indeed as a stunning vegetarian main. The idea for this ensemble is from dirt candy, a vegetarian cookbook from a vegetarian restaurant in New York. There are a number of elements to building this salad so preparation is key to pulling it all together at the end and you need to be very good at multi tasking so read the instructions first.
Boozy luxurious mushrooms on toastEarthy thyme and oyster mushrooms, combined with sweet marsala and crème fraiche come together for an indulgent treat. I've also added dried morels here but you can easily exchange these for porcini or other dried wild mushrooms or leave them out completely and use all fresh mushrooms, the ingredients here are very flexible, choose your booze and choose your indulgence and away you go.