A Venezian evening of cicchetti

Following our succesful evenings in Seville we will now present you with some delicious italian cicchetti and piattini.

Your table will be a table for 6 guests in an open plan apartment

Samples from the menu

Pan fried olives

Mini fritto misto

Crabmeat and thyme balls

Cured duck proscuitto

Quails egg, anchovy and speck

Radicchio and gorganzola bake

Chicken liver risotto

Oxtail, tomato and porcini

Almond meringe, soave melon, marscapone cream

Cappacino semi freddo

Any potential guests who have allergies to animals we have 2 cats and a little dog @Vivthechinpom, Viv will be out with friends for the night and Oreo and Jaffa will be happily playing in another room.

There will be a bellini on arrival for this event but please feel free to bring your own drink for the evening, there is a wine cooler, ice bucket and fridge to keep things nicely chilled.

“Food should be social, it should be enjoyed, it should be honest, and it should have identity, it should also be talked about”

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